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TessaB Corp. is a technology holding company focused on solving inefficiency and trust issues that plague the market for used mobile devices and services.

The TessaB Platform is our technology stack that is using blockchain and mobile diagnostics to create a better mobile device ownership experience for consumers.

Protection plans built for used phones.

TessaB Protect are the first accidental damage protection plans built from the ground up for used phones.


We’re addressing many problems that plague the pre-owned market


There are simply too many touch points as the average pre-owned phone goes through 7 different middlemen before reaching the final buyer. Between depreciation, extra wear and tear, shipping costs, and of course profit, the final buyer pays up to 50% – 100% more than what the original seller was paid.


There’s a lack of consistency in industry grading standards that leaves consumers guessing at the quality they’ll receive when they purchase a pre-owned mobile device.


A typical mobile phone has a useful life of seven years, but consumers hold onto to them for only an average 2-3 years. By creating a healthy and transparent secondary market, we’ll extend the useful life of mobile phones which will have a positive effect on the environment.

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