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Our Mission

IGWT Block (IGWT) LLC is a technology holding company focused on bringing efficiency and transparency to the mobile device industry that benefits consumers. Leveraging blockchain technology, IGWT began building the TessaB Platform in 2018 which will create an ecosystem that offers a better way to buy and sell mobile devices and related services. IGWT is focused on solutions that specifically address issues within the pre-owned market segment, using blockchain functionality to solve trust and logistics challenges.

Our History

IGWT is a transformative business, founded by Ben Nash, CEO of PCS Wireless, a privately held leader in the redistribution of new and pre-owned mobile phones and accessories. The vision for IGWT is to create a way to buy and sell pre-owned mobile phones that both leverages PCS Wireless’ proven track record and diagnostics and industry know-how, while creating a new ecosystem on a dynamic blockchain technology platform called TessaB. The goal is to put consumers in the driver’s seat in a currently inefficient market, introducing a better model of mobile device ownership. Ultimately, TessaB will challenge the traditional business model PCS Wireless built, and as a result safeguard the core business.

Our Technology 

IGWT was founded as a technology company with the TessaB platform at the core of its business. TessaB – which stands for Asset Based when you reverse the brand – is focused on disrupting the $50 billion global market for pre-owned mobile devices and services. Using blockchain technology TessaB will provide significant cost-savings by creating an accessible and transparent diagnostic registry of all mobile devices in the ecosystem, generating efficiencies for all parties.

The ultimate goal for IGWT is to capture transparent and comprehensive device histories, including diagnostics and transactions, so consumers have confidence in buying pre-owned mobile phones. TessaB will also issue smart contracts that will enable device buybacks and trade-in programs, as well as peer to peer sales of mobile devices. TessaB will track devices within its blockchain ecosystem for partners interested in leveraging smart contracts for transfers and monetary trade-ins. A mobile app will also be introduced facilitating consumers interaction and transactions.

The TessaB ecosystem will also have a consumer-friendly digital asset called TSBs. They will serve as a reward when consumers take actions that add value to the collective ecosystem, including transactions and running diagnostics to keep the diagnostics registry up to date. TSBs will be accepted for credit towards purchases at points of sale of TessaB partners.

Our Leadership 

IGWT Block is being led by telecom, technology, logistics, and marketing innovation industry leaders. The vision of President Flavio Mansi is to develop a collaborative culture that fosters growth, sustainability and solves a long-standing industry problem with the creation of new ecosystem that extends the lifecycle of mobile phones.

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