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TessaB in Action

Our vision is to have an open technology platform for OEMs, carriers, retailers and eCommerce platforms that will bring efficiency and transparency to the fragmented secondary market for mobile devices and services.

It all starts with Glyde …


And We Are The Future Of Buying And Selling Used Phones.


Cut out an average 7 middlemen that drive up the cost of used phones by 50-100% with advanced technology that creates trust between individual buyers and sellers, so transactions are worry free.


The Glyde Connect mobile app puts the same diagnostic technology used by OEMs, wireless carriers, and large wholesalers in buyers and sellers’ hands, powering trusted transactions where buyers have a new level of confidence in the condition of the phone they’re buying.


Living on an immutable blockchain database, smart contracts hold the buyer’s payment in escrow and release payment when the buyer matches the diagnostic results to the seller’s listing – disincentivizing unscrupulous players from using Glyde.

How Glyde Works

Buyers shop for a phone and review the diagnostic test results of the very phone they’ll receive. When they check out, they create a smart contract with the seller.

When the buyer receives the phone, they download the Glyde Connect mobile app and run diagnostics to make sure the phone they received is the exact phone the seller listed.

If the diagnostics data matches the smart contract, payment is released to the seller. If not, the buyer can open a dispute and get their money back.

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