TessaB Protect: Accidental Damage Protection Plans

Built from the ground up for all phones.

Partner with TessaB Protect and get an additional revenue stream for your business while increasing customer loyalty. The experience we’ll provide your customers is simple and secure, powered by the most innovative technology in the category.

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Click here to file a claim or call 833-313-3331.

Approved claims subject to a deductible payment:

  • Accidental Damage Plan: $50
  • Screen Crack Protection Plan: $25

All protection plans are subject to our Terms & Conditions:

Unmatched Consumer Value

Provide your customers benefits other providers can’t match, particularly the price. Coverage starts at just $19.99 / year.

Save over 50%

We’re built from the ground up to save you money on accidental drops and spills

24/7 Claim Support

Customer service reps are available 24/7 to help you file a claim and get your phone fixed or replaced fast

Painless Claims Processing

Unlike other providers, you’re not out of luck if you lose your phone’s original purchase receipt

Coverage That Follows You

Change carriers, no problem. Your protection plan is connected to your phone, not your carrier

Secure Mobile Technology

Our technology enables a transparent and secure customer experience, while cutting out the fraud that has excluded used phones from the market.

With our mobile app, your consumers can activate their protection plan by running the same diagnostic technology used by OEMs and Carriers, including our innovative AI-powered screen crack detection test.

Activate Your Plan Now – Download the App to Get Started:

Comprehensive Accidental Damage Coverage

TessaB Protect covers the most common problems and more.





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Frequently Asked Customer Questions

What does TessaB Protect Cover?

Protect your phone from accidental damage including cracked screens, liquid damage, charging port failure, microphone damage and more. Our plan also covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

How much does a TessaB Protect plan cost?

It depends on the phone you’re protecting, but our plans typically save customers over 50% versus competitive providers.

How much is the deductible?

TessaB deductibles are low, either $25 or $50 depending on the phone model.

How do I file a claim?

First, file a claim on our site at tessabprotect.servify.tech or call toll-free at 1-833-313-3331. Once the clam is approved, we will refer you to a local repair service or send you a comparable replacement through the mail if repair is impossible.

When is customer service available?

24/7 to help you file a claim and get your phone fixed or replaced fast.

What happens if I change carriers?

You do nothing. TessaB Protect plans are connected to your phone, not your carrier.

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